About Us


With the support of grant funds from the California Department of Water Resources and in partnership with regional vendors and water agencies, StopWaste has developed the Lawn to Garden Marketplace. The Marketplace provides Bay Area home gardeners and landscape professionals the tools and resources to convert lawns sustainably with sheet mulch. Sheet mulching smothers turf in place by layering cardboard, compost, and mulch on top of an existing brown or green grass.  The use of compost and mulch builds a healthy soil ecosystem that can withstand both drought and El Nino.  

About StopWaste

StopWaste is a public agency responsible for reducing the waste stream in Alameda County.  We help local governments, businesses, schools and residents reduce waste through:

  • Source reduction and recycling
  • Market development
  • Technical assistance
  • Public education

StopWaste has long advocated sustainable landscape practices through its home composting education, lawn to garden program, technical assistance and incentives, and development of the Bay-Friendly Guidelines and Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape system.